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Scented Candles for Today's Lifestyles

Scented wickless candles for use on an electric candlewarmer

Smelly Bears - wax air freshners

..and now adding the rest of the Traditional Candles that we handcraft


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Welcome to our  Candle site.
Here you will find our Specialty,
Smelly Bears - Wax Air Freshners
Along with our,
Smart-Scents, Wickless Candles for use on Candlewarmers
And in addition we have
Traditional Wicked Candles, both Scented and Unscented
  Scents for Gents along with an 18oz Victorian Jar (regular wicked candle)
Now Introducing ... Beeswax Lotion Bars


Smart-Scents, the safe, clean way to enjoy the fragrance of scented jar candles without the use of a flame.  Smart-Scents are scented wickless/flameless candles for use on an electric candle warmer. 

Smart-Scents are available in  over 30 different fragrances 
in a convenient 10 oz jar
with or without a candle warmer
with double the scent of a wicked candle to last you longer!

Newest Scents - Spring Flowers with Lilacs and Black Cherry!
   Fairly new scents -
Niagra Falls, Dragons Blood, , Bacon, Pizza.

Check out our
Wax Air Freshners-----
Smelly Bears - cute, adorable, and fragrant
Available in a wide choice of flavors and animals.
Smelly Bears come wrapped and ready to go to work...Making
the room of choice "stink pretty" for years!  Check it out!

"Scents for Gents"
Starting with 12 scents and available in 8oz travel tins
Perfect for Men...but also intriguing for women.
Scents include...Bacon, Pizza, New Car, Cracklin' Firewood.
Scents for Gents

And Introducing... Beeswax Lotion Bars
Lotion in bar form
Available either scented or unscented
In larger bar form for at home or travel sized for your purse or gymbag


Traditional Candles   For some reason this page never got published last year.
Take a look at it now

   This page has some of our customer's and the Candlemaker's 
favorite candles...wicked candles that is.
      Run your nose down the candle and experience a wonderful
      combination of 3 scents
      In 5 different combinations

   Tall Squares
        Scented and Colored throughout
        Available in 7 captivating scents

   Treasure Candles
       Burn this candle halfway down to reveal a small treasure

   18oz Victorian Candle Jar (traditional wicked candle) 

Wedding Candles
    Carved Candles...perfect for the Unity Ceremony
Memory Candles  

Novelty Candles 

Beeswax candles also available...just write the candlemaker and ask about these 

Gift giving and Christmastime is right around the cornor. If you have several things in mind
and would like to have your gifts sent out individually with an attached card or all in one box
and would like to know an exact shipping amount first...just write the Candlemaker and an email
will be sent back to you. 

Most orders are sent out within 10 to 14 days.

Ordering via Paypal !    
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No studio hours for November.
Studio hours will resume in December.
Email Rose the Candlemaker at waxwerkscandles@aol.com
or call 612-669-3541



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